Yaesu FT-1000MP SERIES solid state replacement for CFL lamp. by AA3M 3/29/2014

The FT-1000MP series radios are fine pieces of equipment. I believe that the most bang for your buck improvement is to install the "LED lightbar". Many operators will drop $150 on a roofing filter without batting an eye. However they endure the dim display and intermittent delay upon startup resigning to the "fact" that there is nothing they can do to correct the problem. This is not true.... I'm offering to give you a chance to make the most dramatic improvement to your rig for $150 or less.

In April of 2008 the replacement CFL and inverter from Yaesu cost $58.28 plus shipping for a total of about $66.

Update: As of April 2014, part number Q7000227A, the CFL lamp is $32.73. Part number CB1185001, the inverter, is no longer available.

You have to go through the same effort to replace the OEM parts as you would to install the LED lightbar.

Replacing the OEM parts with OEM parts will only lead you right back on the inevitable path to failure. The LED lightbar is a one-time repair, and a major improvement over the original design.

You will delight in the improvement every time you turn on the rig. I've seen the other mods out there to "improve" or "fix" the obvious problem. This LED replacement for the CFL tube is THE answer.

For a limited time I am offering to have you send me the front panel of your rig and I will install the LED lightbar for $150. You pay for round trip shipping so I'm not making money for "shipping and handling". If you are comfortable doing the installation yourself, you can purchase the assembled LED lightbar and dimmer board for $100 which includes shipping.

If you want to roll-your-own. I offer a LED lightbar "kit" for $55. The dimmer board kit is $15. (dimmer board $25 assembled) As usual shipping is included

Bare board is also available for $30. Shipping is included.

The MK V Field models use a 10 volt regulator to power the CFL inverter so a plug-in installation of the dimmer board is not suggested.(However you can utilized the dimmer board by moving one wire on the 3 leg 10 volt regulator if desired.)

(Some LCD displays are more transmissive (pass light more readily) than others, in those units the use of the dimmer is possible.)

So a summary of your options, all for $150 or less. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Prices are subject to change so please obtain current pricing prior to ordering.

A. Bare board: $30

B. LED lightbar kit: Includes all components(board, LEDs, SMD resistors) $55

C. Dimmer board kit: $N/A (NOTE: The adjustable function of the "Dimmer board" has been discontinued. It now provides a fixed voltage.)

D. Dimmer board assembled $N/A (NOTE: The adjustable function of the "Dimmer board" has been discontinued. It now provides a fixed voltage.)

E. LED lightbar assembled $75

F. LED lightbar assembled plus assembled dimmer board $85 *Most popular*

(NOTE: The adjustable function of the "dimmer board" has been discontinued. It now provides a fixed voltage.) All of the above options include free shipping.

G. LED lightbar plus dimmer board installed. $150 plus you pay for round trip shipping of the front panel.

TNX.... John AA3M

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