Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V solid state replacement for CFL lamp. by AA3M 7/20/09

This is the ORIGINAL CFL replacement solution for the MP series radios.

(Also works in the MKV Field model and "plain" FT-1000MP model)

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The Mark V is a great rig. If you have one, you're probably a happy camper. But a "quirk" that was annoying me was the delay light-up of the display after the rig was off for a few days. One thing that really discourages any "fix" is the amount of time necessary to experiment and determine if that particular repair worked. The rig will work flawlessly day after day, leave it off for a week and the momentary pause to come on will still be there. After that, it will run for days again without a hitch. It also seemed like the display could use a bit of brightening up. This delay condition seemed "normal" for this particular Yaesu design only due to the fact so many operators have been experiencing and tollerating it for years. This LED "repair" is an improvement on the brightness design and a permanent solution to the delayed startup issue. What you see here on this site is a solid-state replacement for the CFL lamp (*Patent Pending*) used in the FT-1000MP series radios.

Click here for the latest lightbar (3.0) info. It's pretty graphic intensive so it may take a while to load.

In addition to adding a dimming feature to the display, any RFI from the CFL lamp supply (inverter) has been eliminated. Prior to the mod I was able to hear birdies about 50kHz apart all the way up and into the lower end of the AM broadcast band.

The only difference in the FIELD model installation, as compared to the 200 watt Mark V, is that there is no need for the two voltage dropping diodes. The Field seems to have a 10 volt regulator supplying power for the CFL circuitry. In any case be certain that you are not exceeding about 10.5V to the lightbar at maximum brightness.

****UPDATE 8/25/2009: Version 3.0 is ready. Assembled.

****UPDATE 9/01/2009: Version 3.0 boards, and / or kits are available at this time. The kit consists of the board, 90 LEDs and 30 resistors. Building time is about three hours. You'll need a magnifying glass and a fine soldering iron to build the kit.

****UPDATE 11/05/2013: Plug-in version of dimmer circuit is now available. No modification of the display board is necessary and only two simple soldering connections are required for installation.

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Pardon the poor quality of the photo. Top "un-modified unit is using the "Hi" setting, lower unit is using "Low". An interesting observation is that at about 45 degrees off of center (left / right), the two displays appear have about the same luminence. (Not visible in this straight-on-view photo)

Here's another view. Upper(un-modified) and lower units both set on "High" display setting.